Saturday, April 20, 2013

Woman Get Amputated After Cosmetic Surgery

. April Brown is a woman who is not ashamed to say that she once suffered from self esteem issues. The negative feelings about her body image led to her decision to pay for butt injections at a “pumping party” 8 years ago. The person that administered the injections was an unlicensed bootleg hustler. April says that she was well aware of the fact that the person that injected her had no medical background and decided to go through with the procedure anyways. Brown says that she suffered with extreme pain for 5 years after her procedure. Prior to being injected with the bad silicone, Brown worked in Cosmetology and Fashion Design. In 2011 Brown’s health declined and in an effort to save her life, Dr’s suggested that she have her limbs removed. WOW her limbs!!!

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