Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Man Jailed 45years For Stealing Gov Aregbesola's Phone

Below is how Punch is reporting it Ighodalo stole the phone from the pocket of Aregbesola on November 27, 2010, when the governor was being inaugurated at Government Technical College, Osogbo. Justice Oyejide Falola, who heard the case, found Ighodalo guilty on six counts, which included conspiracy, stealing and fraud. He was sentenced to 10-year imprisonment for the first three counts and five years for each of the last three which included impersonation, obtaining property by falsehood and collusion. Falola, who ruled that Ighodalo deserved the jail term, held that the convict used the phone to obtain N500, 000 from the Owa of Ilesa, Oba Adekunle Aromolaran, while he obtained N200, 000 from Mr Shengen Rahman, an associate of the governor. The jail term, which Falola pronounced will run concurrently, means that Ighodalo will spend the next 10 years behind bars. Assistant principal state counsel, Mr Biodun Badiora, told the court that the convict had served six-year imprisonment in Ikoyi prison custody in connection with a murder case in 2005. Counsel to Ighodalo, Mr. Ameachi Ngwu, prayed the court to commit him to community service, stressing that the convict should not be incarcerated but rather be placed where people could see him as a convict.

Pictures Of Mercy Johnson's Baby Dedication

Mercy Johnson's mum

Monday, April 29, 2013

New Ambassadors For Snapp

Celebrities are making money nowadays,from left,right infact all coners

Nigerian Model Falls On The Run Way

OMG ooops.It was indeed a great fall.but it happens to the best models in the world sha... She was modelling for Nigerian fashion house Kinabuti.She fell in front of invited guests at the Italian consulate

Jada Pinkett Smith Bikini Bod

The 41 years old mother of two,Had fun vacationing in Hawali with daughter willow smith. Lovely bikini outfit and bod.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Stella Damasus Surprise Birthday In New York

Stella looks fab...

Nse Ikpe Etim Is Pregnant

The Nollywood actress confirm that she is in her first trimester to her colleague at the Amaa award that took place in Bayelsa recently. congrats to her and her husband.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Omawunmi speaks on how her breast popped out on stage.

. Omawunmi opened up in an interview.In a male dominated industry like the Nigerian music industry, first runner-up at the Idol West Africa, Omawumi Megbele, has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Some music critics in Nigeria have likened her to the legendary Onyeka Onwenu, who the singer did a duet with recently. When it comes to dressing, Omawumi mostly rocks short gown which barely covers the whole of her thighs and at some instances, the shoulder region of her body is always exposed. This sometimes revealed her Tits. While some believe she does that intentional to stir controversies, others believe Omawumi is only proud being a woman, which she attests to in a recent interview. Answering a question on why her tits popped out at an event, the Delta State-born singer revealed that, “because I have small shoulders and my titss are actually beautiful, I tend to wear revealing upper body dresses.” She added that, “when you are looking at the mirror, you are not well as tall as to see how troublesome it could be. That dress has feathers in the front of it and before I left my hotel room, I asked someone if the dress was okay and she said yes.” Continuing, Omawumi stressed that, “so, I wore the dress to the show and when I was performing at the show, of course, paparazzi took my pictures and released them. I realized that my Tits were practically pouring out of my dress, there was no way I could have put my tits back.”

Kenyan Model Claims Pete Edochie is his father

. He’s popularly known as Ephy Saint in Nairobi, Kenya where he reigns supreme as a model and thespian of note. This actor cum model is yet to unravel the mystery surrounding his paternity as he claims to be a son to the veteran actor, Pete Edochie popularly known as Okonkwo by movie buffs. When Gossipnigeria.com, first came out with a bit of the story, so many things happened, Chief Edochie was contacted by Kenyan journalists and he denied, for the fifteenth time, having anything to do with an offspring in Kenya. A call from our office to his line 080920**16* was not picked and even our sms to him was not attended to. In this interview with Alonge Michael of Gossipnigeria.com, this 23 year-old entertainer said he was really bitter that all his effort to meet his father is futile. Please read this interestingly revealing interview. Tell me a bit about yourself? I’m 24 years old, raised by an awesome single mother, who I would gladly give an organ to. I am working so hard to live my dream which is to be the best in the world as an actor / model and a movie maker... I love life and have very fun-loving people around me. I always grow to be me and no one else. How and where did you grow up? All over, with my mum and my grand folks, in Kenya. With your mum; how about your father? Hmmm, I don’t know, I never met him. Can you tell us why? I can't …He is a magician ...had me and disappeared, so I can't tell much about him. How did you now turn up to be who you are? I was brought up by two strong-willed women, my mum and my grandmother, discipline being the core of my upbringing. So I turned out alright I guess. As a child, what did you think of becoming? A model, reason being that, I have always loved glamour. How did you attain this status in the modelling world? Remaining consistent in my craft and patience also came in handy. What's your greatest achievement? Coming to being. Do you have any regret? No ... I believe everything happens for a reason. What influence does your mum have on you? She made me love me for who I am and taught me to be real with myself and the people around me. I’m the person I am because of her. What's that thing about you that you would want to change? My financial status... I want to make more money ...don't get me wrong, not that I don’t have money now but I want to have enough money because I have a mother and younger sister to take care of. Aside Kenya, where would you love to live? My father’s land ... Nigeria Nigeria? Yes, Nigeria! I learnt he’s a prominent and well known and respected actor in Nigeria from the South Eastern part of the country, as I am made to believe by my mum. That’s the little I know about him. Are you sure? My mum said so, in fact, he’s still very much an active participant in the industry. Taking a closer look at yourself, who do you think your dad is? Well, my mum said and I want to believe her that multiple award-winning actor, Pete Edochie is my biological father. How sure are you? I can't prove it; I only got wind of it last year. Can you give us reasons why you can’t prove it? Distance and lack of information from both of them, my mum and him, that is, my biological father, Pete Edochie. But does your mum realise that you need to know who your true father is? She does, she kept it away from me until last year when she told me about it. I was shocked. Have you made effort to reach Pete Edoche after that revelation? Yes I have, like any other man who might not be in the know about an existing biological child of his; he denied. Saying he has never been to Kenya in his entire life Through what means did you reach out to him? My mum sent someone to him and the person return with his message that he said he never had any fling with anybody in Kenya because he has never been there in his entire life. What was your reaction when he said that? It’s either he’s lying or he has a twin brother. This fact you have is not enough to call him your father…. There are talks here and there that he used to live in Nairobi in Kenya in a small town called Buru Buru. What year? 1987-1988 Has it ever occurred to you that your mum might not be factual about this? I believe my mother. She has always been there for me, I don’t see a reason why she would lie or hide any information about my father or paternity. This is not a matter to be joked with. So she told you that Pete Edochie, Nigerian bearded actor is your father? Yes she did. The burden now rests on your shoulders to press further on the paternity issue, since you know your mum is not making a mistake then you should stand as a man to unravel the mystery surrounding your birth. May be this is how God wants it. In Kenya, I am a big name and I have followership but in God I trust. Thanks for your advice anyway. What attempt have you made to come to Nigeria and solve this riddle once and for all? If a man wants nothing to do with me and I believe him to be my father, I also don't want much to do with him. Doesn’t your mother have a picture or something she can put down as evidence? She was having a picture of the two of them together, according to her, she gave it to a friend to help trace him and that friend said he has misplaced the picture. Now you can see the critical situation I have been placed. From the look of things, I guess only DNA can settle this paternity issue? If he truly hasn't been to Kenya as he claimed and I take him through all that, he will hate me the more, so DNA test seems like a long thing right now. I want to believe that everything happens for a reason. I am made to succeed in life. I am not looking for money or anything from Pete, just his acceptance. But of what use is the success for a man to deny the paternity of his child. It’s cruelty and all of us shall meet to account for our various deeds on earth. Presently where do you live? I live in Nairobi, Kenya If there was just one wish you have, what would it be? I want a complete family. What surname do you bear? Muriithi How? That’s not a Nigerian name as you claim to have a Nigerian father… Some other man took responsibility of bringing me up but he also left soon after my sister was born, but his mother brought me up that's why I kept the name. He’s a Kenyan Did this other guy too divorce your mum or just left like your dad? Left, my mum was never married to any of them Modeling or acting; which one pays your bills the most? They both have taken and given from each other, but modelling pays much better in Kenya. Lastly, what’s that secret desire? I would love to be buried in Nigeria, the land of my father.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rita Dominic At The Amaa Awards

. Rita dominic at the Amaa awards in bayelsa.Lovely black dress.

Chika Ike Paid 5million to shave hair

. Nollywood actress Chika Ike, was paid a  N5million to shave her hair in a movie where she will play the lead role.She's playing Olu Jacob's youngest wife in the movie. When he dies, she's made to shave her hair.

World's Sexiest Transgender-Amiyah Scott

Believe it or not,she was a man. . She is Amiyah Scott formerly Auther.She's the world's Sexiest transgender and she is also a model.But am Lmao cos men you gas to be careful cos not all beautiful chicks out there are actually women after all.All that glitters isn't gold.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Woman Get Amputated After Cosmetic Surgery

. April Brown is a woman who is not ashamed to say that she once suffered from self esteem issues. The negative feelings about her body image led to her decision to pay for butt injections at a “pumping party” 8 years ago. The person that administered the injections was an unlicensed bootleg hustler. April says that she was well aware of the fact that the person that injected her had no medical background and decided to go through with the procedure anyways. Brown says that she suffered with extreme pain for 5 years after her procedure. Prior to being injected with the bad silicone, Brown worked in Cosmetology and Fashion Design. In 2011 Brown’s health declined and in an effort to save her life, Dr’s suggested that she have her limbs removed. WOW her limbs!!!

Unilag Student Drowns At Elegushi Beach

Eniola Abiola, a 200L student of Dentistry at the University of Lagos Medical School located at Idi-araba met her untimely death as she drowned at the popular Elegushi Beach in Lagos on Friday the 12th of April 2013. Eyewitnesses say she was swimming and having a good time with friends when a strong wave dragged her far into the water.Her lifeless body later washed ashore. May her soul rest in peace.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Beyonce Poses for H&M

Beyonce's hot new photos for H&M summer campaign. . she is absolutely stunning.

Agbani's Exposure at sister's wedding

. I heard this a while ago but I just had to post it even tho it's kind of an old gist.Former Miss World, Agbani Darego has come under attack for exposing one of her boobs at the wedding of her younger sister held recently in Nigeria.She had so many attacks on twitter.While some tagged her as a 'cheap attention seeker', others described her boobs exposure as 'uncalled for' especially at a wedding ceremony of her younger sister.